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Product Name Production Product Category SOFTWARE Brief - Correlation between production control system, stock control system and general ledger system

 ·        Lava Production system features:


-          Correlation between production control system, stock control  system and general ledger system


-          Possibility of define multi-level production lines and linked to stores by stock control system


-          The system allows to defined the machines, as well as the definition of manufacturing processes and shifts


-          The system allows to define several types of documents daily production


-          Possibility of insert groups of private expenses to a certain production line, and private expenses to certain process 


-          A quick query on the status of each production order and operation orders of it in illustrating the required quantities and the produced quantities


-          quality Control at receiving the  daily production


-          sorting and classify products according to specific types of grading defined by production management


-          The system allows putting serial number for each piece produced


-          Production planning and put a variety of operations for each plan, and measuring the distractions from the actual production and production plan


-          A large number of reports to follow all the actual production processes


'There are many other features'