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Egyptian Saudi for I.T


One of the leading entity  in the field of information technology, which aimed at providing integrated solutions for companies in the Arab world.by providing solutions to business management, The provision of high-quality services, financial and technical  consulting, design and development of databases, information systems engineering, design Internet  sites And  Provide Internet solutions.


Egyptian Saudi  for I.T has a group of programmers who use the latest methods and technology bearing in mind the continued development, modernization of our products as a key objective. And for the continuation of the development process we have large investments in order to build a base of specialized expertise in software technology depending on latest foundations and scientific rules to develop integrated solutions. The company has set up a large group of the systems and programs in different fields under the trade name of lava




Our Vision


Since the beginning of Egyptian Saudi for I.T, we have a future vision of enterprise resources planning. The world turned into a small village due to the technology and E-commerce applications and business turned to a global scale and this is what we are interested in.

In this advanced environment, we were able to develop in the various fields of work, and offer after-sales services to our customers, and reflected positively on the level of business performance also remove problems that may face administrative structure in company, which led the administrations of our customers thinking and creativity, construction and marketing activities.

This means that we look to the enterprise resource planning systems as an effective way to manage repeated daily business that we have strived to make it automatically and convert the energies of human resources in organizations into activities more effectively towards their companies.

These applications we are talking about is the result of specialists thought and effort, who are working to investigate customer requirements and the needs of world market, enabling them to apply this thinking that we are proud to produced it to our customers


Why Egyptian Saudi for I.T


We care about knowing all details that help us to understand operating cycle before thinking in developing suitable solutions.

Analyze and study the strengths and weaknesses and turn them into software solutions in a professional manner.

Integration, flexibility, and safety in LAVA systems  is an obligation on Qudwat Al Khaleej for I.T, so all departments work in perfect harmony, Also we keep flexibility  when using applications in the first concern.

We consider ourselves partners not suppliers and we strive to participate in the achievement your goals.

We consider that the after-sales service more important than sale, therefore we do our best to obtain your satisfaction using new scientific methods for direct connect and remove any difficulties while working on Lava Systems.

We care a lot about outputs that help senior management to take important decisions at the appropriate times according to accurate reports.

We have strong experience in project management through specialized team in project management and information technology.

We have a flexible organizational structure that includes a broad relationship between all departments, which provide success environment of all tasks with employee and this make success of work in all the projects whatever its nature.

Meet Our Team

  • Ahmed Shawki - Technical Engineer

Responsible for training and implementation.